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About Us
Originally created on Withywindle server in 2012 by Tiaasnin, Wood Elves is a rank 10 kinship now on Laurelin.

The Wood-elves are a race of Elves that lived near the Blue Mountains (Ered Luin). They were added to the number of High Elves, and they shared the land with the dwarves. These include the elves of Lórien and Mirkwood. Wood-elves are also known as the Silvan Elves .
The best known Wood-elves are the elves of northern Mirkwood and Lothlórien. In the First Age the Elves of Ossiriand, or Laiquendi, were also referred to as Wood-elves.

Silvan Elves were of Nandorin descent, but they were mainly governed by Sindarin and Ñoldorin rulers. Examples of these were Thranduil, king of northern Mirkwood, Amdír, and his son, Amroth, the last Sindarin prince of Lórien before the rule of Galadriel and Celeborn (of Ñoldorin and Sindarin descent, respectively).

Silvan Elves were considered to be less wise than other Eldar, and some of them almost were indistinguishable from the Avari, those who never joined the Great Journey.

Our kin house is at 2 Silver Street, Roglond of the Cape of Belfalas.

If you are interested in joining our kinship or have any other questions but cannot find any officers in-game, please contact us at